“What is the difference between

   Martial Arts and Karate?”


   Many parents want to know the

   difference between martial arts and

   karate. The fact is these words are

   very interchangeable to the American



   Meaning: Both martial arts and

   karate are “broad terms” that have

   similar functions.


   The truth is there are many styles of

   martial arts and many styles of karate.


   Martial Arts is a term that defines

   numerous “styles.”


   Karate has its origins in Japanese

   martial arts styles.


   At Brooklyn House of Champions we

   bring our students the best of various



    Good Grades, A Positive Attitude, Increased

    Focus, Confidence & Fitness...

    These are Just a Few Benefits of Our Brooklyn, NY Martial Arts Kids Program


    The core skills of success and happiness are character qualities such as self-confidence,

    personal responsibility, respect

    for self and others and self-discipline. Combined these with athletic skills, like fitness,

    coordination and flexibly and your  child will excel mentally and physically!


    At Brooklyn House of Champions in Brooklyn we've discovered that when you combine

    intense physical exercise with the proper teaching of mental skills like focus and

    concentration – then add the core life skills training you can’t help but create a winning

    formula that will set  your child up for success in life


    Perfect for Beginners...

    It really doesn't matter what a child’s current fitness level or social skills are. To benefit

    from our program they don’t have to be a “star athlete,” “socially outgoing,” or already

    have good concentration skills.  We Help Them Develop These Skills!  Our Martial Arts

    Program Produces Winners!


    Register Right Here, Right Now to Schedule Your No Obligation Trial Martial Arts

    Program. During this special session we'll show your child some really simple and safe

    martial arts moves. Plus we'll start  them on the road to enhanced life skills by teaching



    • The 3 laws of razor sharp focus


    • The 4 Magic Words That Get and Give Respect, Instantly


    • The True Meaning of Self-Discipline, so they can actually use it in their lives.


    • The Secret Word That Stops The Bully in His Tracks


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get your teen off the couch with our mixed martial arts program

Our Brooklyn, NY Martial Arts for Teens Classes Will...


1. Empower Your TEENAGER for FUTURE Success

2. Help Them Feel Empowered to Set Big Goals

3. Give Them The Confidence To Stand Up To Negative Peer Pressure.

4. Get them OFF the Streets!

5. Make Them Turn OFF the Video Games.


The Truth...As A Parent of A Teenager in Brooklyn, NY is You Need All The Help You Can Get...


We can help and you won't have to “Force” your teenager into doing something that's good for them. We'll make it so much fun that they'll enjoy learning valuable life skills and lesson and power and effective martial arts and self-defense techniques.


Best of all... Results are FAST with our Special Teens Martial Arts Program.


They will have classes available to them Practically EVERYDAY on a variety of subjects so they’ll never get BORED!!!

We'll let you come in and evaluate us and let your teenager try us out For Free, No Obligation!


“Martial Arts is NOT JUST a fun sport…It’s A WAY of LIFE That NO teenager should grow up without.

PUNCHING, KICKING, WRESTLING and SPARRING is A Life Style ANY Teen would LOVE to experience.


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