Brooklyn House of Champions offers Brooklyn Kickboxing Classes that give you an amazing workout.


You'll see fast results.

You'll have more fun.

And you'll be working out in a supportive environment with instructors who really care.


Each one Class has the potential to burn 600-800 calories, while building muscle that keeps on burning the fat…Even while you sleep!!!


Our Martial Approach to Kickboxing and Fitness is what separates our program from other Fitness Kickboxing Programs.


We Like to Use a Combination of Technology and Good Ole’ HARD WORK to help you see results!


Our mix of Solo exercises, Bag Drills and Partner Drills both with Pads and without Pads Keeps the classes both FUN and Challenging! Each class becomes Different each Time!


Can you hear the Beat of your favorite music playing while you Beat the Fat and Calories out of your body?


We offer 1 day/wk, 2 day/wk, 3 day/wk training memberships with other committed individuals just like you! Our evening  and Saturday classes will fit your schedule.


Call Us today to book your spot for our next session NOW…(347) 673-6611